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    Where health meets exclusiveness.


Where health meets exclusiveness.

Grand Hotel Terme & SPA is the ideal venue for the prevention and treatment of and rehabilitation from health problems affecting the neuromusculoskeletal system.

A coordinated team of expert and specialised physicians is at your disposal with customised therapy plans and continuing assistance and availability throughout your stay.

Grand Hotel Terme & Spa is a thermal hotel providing physiotherapeutic assistance.

Using physiotherapy we offer you the chance to start a personalised functional and health recovery plan while relaxing in a 5-star hotel.

With hydrokinetic therapy, namely physiotherapy in water, the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of hyperthermal water are placed at the center of the treatment program and accompanies the patients on their path to wellness. Thanks to the immersion in water, the weight of the body is reduced by up to almost 90% and the body can therefore perform rehabilitation exercises with less effort, thereby resulting in gentle and progressive healing.


  • Restoration and normalisation of joint mobility after trauma or surgery
  • Reduction or elimination of pain
  • Reduction in muscular tension or trauma
  • Rebalancing and coordination of musculoskeletal action

The sectors of action of physiotherapy are numerous and vary based on the patient’s initial conditions. A mandatory preliminary medical examination is performed to establish what is known as the ‘pathological picture’, namely the set of subjective characteristics, emotional status and previous disorders of a person, then used to define the most suitable treatment plan.

Our Maison de Beauté offers the following treatments:


Qualified physiotherapists carry out the physiotherapeutic treatment that aims at stretching and balancing the muscles and setting the joints free.
The results include better mobility and a pleasant sensation of lightness. Suitable for treating neck pain, lower back pain, lumbosciatica, periarthritis, gonalgia and coxalgy.

Rehabilitation gymnastics

A number of exercises and stretching movements that give elasticity and mobility to the muscles and joints.
Suitable for those who underwent surgery.

Rehabilitation gymnastics in water

Thermal water is very useful to help carry out active exercises and passive movements to eliminate muscle contractures due to traumas and stress; stiff and painful joints restore their functionality.

Postural gymnastics

The physiotherapist uses specific exercises to study the patient’s body and observes and corrects the posture.
The postural therapy is not only suitable for those who suffer from some pain but for all who want to get or keep a psycho-physical status of well-being.


TENS therapy delivers appropriate currents via electrodes, and these micro impulses excite the touchsensitive nerve fibres located just below the skin. It helps to relieve pain by selectively stimulating the peripheral nerves with electrical impulses and is also suitable for radicular pain (back pain, sciatica and thigh pain), in post-herpetic neuralgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and localised arthralgia and myalgia


Iontophoresis is a unidirectional continual current normally used to introduce drugs into the body, directly into the zone requiring treatment. It is completely painless and does not harm any other organs, allowing the medicines to remain longer where they are needed and improving surface and deep skin tissue nourishment.


This therapy uses low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields to help treat different symptoms linked to inflammation or bone pathologies.
Magnetotherapy works because the pulsed electromagnetic fields interact with the cell structures to help recover balanced physiological conditions.
They work on the cell membranes, restoring their correct potential, fundamental for ensuring that nutrients are delivered inside the cells.
The magnetic fields also reactivate the blood circulation,improving tissue oxygenation and nourishment.





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