A natural pharmaceutical that prevents and cures thanks to the love of nature


    A natural pharmaceutical that prevents and cures thanks to the love of nature


    A natural pharmaceutical that prevents and cures thanks to the love of nature


    A natural pharmaceutical that prevents and cures thanks to the love of nature


Argilla Termale®, our thermal clay simply known as "mud", is the perfect complement to thermal water. Mixed together, the result is a thick creamy substance with excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapeutic properties.

It then takes 60 days for this precious element to “mature”,

in a process that cannot be hurried. The Argilla Termale® rests in special vats called “fangaie” inside the Grand Hotel Terme & Spa, in constant contact with running thermal water at a temperature of about 60°C.

This imbues the hot mud with all its therapeutic properties.

A natural, patented, pharmaceutical without equal worldwide, either for its characteristic properties or for its beneficial effects on the human organism. With no side effects, it treats but also, and above all, prevents.

It is suitable for all ages, for arthritis and arthrosis and also for sports-related muscle fatigue.

As this element is recognised by the Italian National Health System, a family doctor can prescribe a series of 12 mud therapy sessions without any further cost for guests.

Our history

Before coming to the surface at 87°C, the thermal waters in the Euganean Basin cover a long underground journey during which they are enriched with mineral salts. These substances are then released into the thermal mud during a long maturation process that lasts 50 to 60 days. The mud thus becomes a real natural pharmaceutical. The regional marking “fango maturo DOC” certifies the quality of this mature mud with controlled designation of origin and a European Patent guarantees its efficacy from a therapeutic point of view.

at the Grand Hotel Terme & Spa

35 kg of Argilla Termale® are used for every treatment.

Enjoy being enveloped by the beneficial heat of this treatment. A comfortable treatment couch awaits you, prepared with the thermal mud ready to envelop you

Expert hands will spread the mud over all the parts of your body that need treatment, excluding the abdomen and chest to avoid overheating the internal organs. After 30 minutes, your body will have absorbed all its benefits. Our specialised personnel will help you take a shower in thermal water to wash off all residues of mud from your skin.

You will feel regenerated, detoxed and pampered.

The treatment continues with a spa bath in ozone at a temperature of about 37°C. All this will take place in a fully equipped cubicle with specialist personnel to hand to ensure that your treatment experience is as effective as possible.

The sweat reaction (about 30 minutes) is followed by a reaction massage carried out by the expert hands of a skilled operator, to stimulate peripheral circulation. p>

Due to its healing properties, this mud therapy can also be prescribed by a family doctor. A doctor’s prescription will give a series of 12 mud therapy sessions at no extra cost.

Guarantee of quality

Permanent Spa Observatory of Padua University

The mud maturation process and all activity by the Euganean Basin are monitored by the Permanent Spa Observatory (Osservatorio Termale Permanente or OTP) at Padua University with the “Pietro d’Abano” Spa Study Centre. The results of inspections and sampling are used for the constant production of medical-scientific literature in collaboration with prestigious universities all over the world.



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